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The Heart of Being an NLP Professional

Karen discusses what lies at the centre of being an NLP Professional with practical examples from her book

The NLP Professional gives you a roadmap to a more effective, ethical and successful NLP business.  

The NLP Professional lays down the What, How and Why of being an NLP professional.

If you want to see the benefits for your business, your clients and the future of the NLP field as a whole, read The NLP Professional...and act on what's in it!

Audio version coming soon! 

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‘If there is anyone who knows both the benefits and challenges of building a business based on NLP it is Karen Falconer. Karen has given us a practical guide to becoming a successful professional, not only in NLP but in any legitimate business.’


Ian McDermott and Robert Dilts

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About the Author


Karen Falconer is the CEO and driving force behind ANLP International CIC, the world’s most successful independent Association for NLP Professionals. ANLP also runs the largest international NLP annual conference.

Karen brings her vast experience of running successful companies, working with SME businesses as a Management Accountant and her skills as a certified NLP Trainer together to create this book.  It gives easy-to-follow, practical advice on how to start, run and grow an efficient, professional NLP-led business.

In 2009, Karen was awarded the Hertfordshire Business Woman of the Year and ANLP won the Hertfordshire Small Business of the Year.  In 2020, further recognition of Karen's professionalism, leadership and business acumen was given when ANLP won the 2020 Best UK Community Interest Company at the UK Enterprise Awards.  

Since Karen first coined the phrase “NLP Professional” in 2010, it has since become widely used inside and outside of the NLP community.  The term describes those in the NLP field who deliver their services according to the ANLP Code of Ethics and the presuppositions of NLP.  Karen has found that many people get into NLP businesses to give back what they received from NLP in the first place…and find it challenging to get financial rewards for their services. 


In the NLP Professional, Karen shows that you can have a positive impact delivering NLP and run a successful, professional and efficient business.


"Do you want to create a Professional NLP Business? Here you will learn about what a professional attitude involves, the personal qualities of a true professional, and how NLP itself can be more professional as a field."

L. Michael Hall

Cognitive Psychologist, Trainer and Author

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